Interactive Touchscreen Whiteboard | Genee X Series

All-inclusive video conferencing and meeting collaboration tool, the X Series touchscreens come complete with Windows 365 and Skype for Business. No additional equipment is necessary so it really is the complete package.

With its cystal clear and precise InGlass or PCAP (X5; PCAP X7/ X9 InGlass) screen presentations can be conducted with ease, writing on a touchscreen has never felt so accurate, smooth and natural, giving business professionals that extra confidence when presenting infront of an audience.

With a sleek, contemporary design, the X Series range requires just one touch to start a meeting and you’re up and running. A single touch can also transform the screen into an interactive whiteboard, where presenters can annotate, share ideas and comment with other meeting members.

Available sizes: 65″, 70″, 86″

Prices upon request.