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How to Mount a Whiteboard Guide

mounted whiteboard in a classroom

Materials Needed:

  • Wall-Mounted Whiteboard
  • Wall mounting kit (usually provided with any whiteboard purchased from Viz Pro Ltd)
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver or drill

Whiteboard Mounting Instructions:

  • Select an Ideal Location for your Whiteboard:

Choose a wall location for the whiteboard that’s at eye level and free from obstructions. Ensure it’s convenient for everyone who will use it.

  • Measure and Mark Centre point:

Measure the whiteboard’s width and height, and then mark the centre point on the wall at the desired location. If possible, use a level to ensure its straight.

  • Attach the Whiteboard Mounting Hardware:

Follow the  instructions to securely attach the provided brackets to the back of the whiteboard. These brackets will hold the whiteboard in place.

  • Hang and Align the Whiteboard:

Lift the whiteboard and hang it on the wall brackets, ensuring it’s level and aligns with the centre mark.

  • Secure and Test:

Using a screwdriver or drill, tighten the screws that hold the whiteboard to the brackets. Test the whiteboard for stability by gently shaking it. Once secure, your whiteboard is ready for use.

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