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Lockable Noticeboards

Welcome to Viz Pro’s Lockable Noticeboard Accessories collection, designed to enhance the security, functionality, and visual appeal of your notice boards. Our curated range of accessories is tailored to complement your lockable noticeboards, providing practical solutions for organisation, communication, and aesthetics.

Explore a selection of accessories meticulously designed to meet your needs. From gridding tape that adds a professional touch to your presentations, to magnetic pen holders that ensure your markers are always within reach, our range aims to elevate the efficiency of your lockable noticeboard setup.

Maintain the pristine appearance of your lockable noticeboards with our cleaning and conditioning solutions. Ensure essential information remains accessible with flipchart easel papers and dry wipe markers. Our accessory collection also features versatile glass board pen trays and magnetic tape for dynamic presentations.

At Viz Pro, we prioritise quality. Discover how these thoughtful and innovative additions can elevate your lockable noticeboard setup. Browse our collection today and uncover a new level of convenience and effectiveness in your secure notice board communications.