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Portable Whiteboards

Mobile Whiteboards on Wheels

Viz Pro’s portable whiteboards are the perfect solution for dynamic presentations and on-the-go brainstorming sessions. Our mobile whiteboard collection offers you the flexibility to share ideas and concepts wherever you are.

Whether you’re in a classroom, boardroom, or collaborative space, a whiteboard on wheels can provide a convenient platform to sketch, write, and illustrate your thoughts. With their lightweight and compact design, these whiteboards are easy to transport and set up, ensuring that your ideas flow freely without any constraints.

Our Mobile Whiteboard Offering

Choose from a range of sizes and styles within our mobile whiteboard collection, styles include a double-sided mobile whiteboardfreestanding whiteboards & magnetic whiteboards with a magnetic writing surface. Our high-quality, portable whiteboard collection comes with features such as lockable castor wheels, lockable side handles (for a rotating double-sided whiteboard), stability bar & dry wipe surface. Locking castors are a particularly important safety feature in the office or school environment, to ensure the mobile whiteboard remains in position whilst in use.