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Our Chalkboards Range

Find the right Viz Pro Ltd’s Chalk Board for you

Whether you’re a teacher, student, or just looking for a versatile and durable writing surface, we are home to some of the best chalk boards in the UK, offering the highest quality at unbeatable prices with free & fast delivery.

We stock a wide range of chalkboard sizes, styles, and materials to choose from. Our large selection of options includes wall-mounted blackboards, mobile blackboards, and tabletop blackboards, making finding the perfect solution for your space and budget easier. Our selection of blackboards includes various options, from a traditional slate board to a modern magnetic chalk board and a double-sided blackboard.

Our chalk boards provide a perfect medium for sharing information and brainstorming ideas, in the classroom, office, at home, or even for outdoor use. They can also be a creative solution in pubs or restaurants to let your customers know about the daily specials.

At Viz Pro Ltd, we sell chalk boards that are built to last, offering a reliable, practical way to share information, create art, or write down your ideas. All blackboards sold at Viz Pro Ltd are made from the highest quality materials that are easy to wipe clean and maintain, ensuring years of productive use. We also offer a range of chalkboard accessories, such as chalk, erasers, and markers, to help you get the most out of your blackboard.

Explore our selection of blackboards today, and purchase a top-quality chalkboard to write down all your top-quality ideas!

Customer support

For inquiries or guidance in choosing the ideal board, our approachable customer service team is at your service. Contact us with any questions or queries using our customer support.