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Combination Whiteboards

Our Combination Whiteboards provide the ideal solution for various settings, from offices and schools to homes and community centres. Featuring a blend of cork, whiteboard, and felt surfaces, these boards offer you the flexibility to organise and present information as you see fit.

Choose from a diverse range of sizes, styles, and surfaces within our Combination Whiteboard collection. Select magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces, opt for frames or frameless designs, and pick from a range of colours to seamlessly match your décor.

Unleash your creativity with Combination Whiteboards. Whether you’re plotting your next project or showcasing your latest masterpiece, these versatile surfaces allow you to write, draw, pin, and attach items in countless ways.

Quality is our priority at Viz Pro. Crafted from high-quality materials, our Combination Whiteboards ensure durability that stands the test of time. Plus, enjoy free UK delivery on all orders, making your Combination Whiteboard experience even more rewarding.

Discover the perfect Combination Whiteboard for your needs in our selection today. And if you have questions or need assistance, our friendly customer service team is always ready to help.

Customer support

For inquiries or guidance in choosing the ideal board, our approachable customer service team is at your service. Contact us with any questions or queries using our customer support