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Our Whiteboard Range

Our Viz Pro Ltd Whiteboards

Welcome to Viz-Pro Ltd’s Whiteboard Range, where functionality meets innovation to elevate your workspace. Our carefully curated range of whiteboards is designed to enhance organisation, communication, and creative expression.

Discover an array of whiteboards tailored to suit your needs. From magnetic whiteboards & presentation whiteboards to our combination whiteboards which double up as a whiteboard and a notice board. Our collection offers versatile solutions for various settings.

Whiteboards for office and business use

Maintain a clean and professional workspace with our high-quality whiteboards. Whether you’re presenting, teaching, or brainstorming, our whiteboards provide the perfect canvas for your ideas.

At Viz Pro Ltd, we prioritise quality. Explore how our whiteboards can transform your workspace and your business. Browse our collection of whiteboards today, available with a range of different features, such as magnetic and rotating whiteboards, and free-standing to wall-mounted boards. In the classroom or the office, experience the benefits of efficient communication and creative collaboration for you and your audience.

Whiteboard accessories

Kit out your workspace, whether that’s the office or the classroom, with these essential whiteboard accessories. From wipe-dry markers for writing down all your ideas, to whiteboard erasers, so the writing surface can be wiped clean, stock up on these top-quality accessories.

Still not found the whiteboard you’re looking for? Need another way to share your ideas with your colleagues? As well as whiteboards, we offer a wide range of other products in different shapes and sizes that can help you capture your audience. From notice boards to flipcharts, we have the right board to help you innovate, design, and change mindsets.

Urgently need a whiteboard for an upcoming meeting? Choose premium shipping to get your whiteboard shipped to your home or work address as quickly as possible.

Customer support

For inquiries or guidance in choosing the ideal board, our approachable customer service team is at your service. Contact us with any questions or queries using our customer support