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At Viz Pro, we go beyond offering exceptional whiteboards and notice boards – we provide a comprehensive range of accessories designed to complete and amplify your workspace. Our accessory collection is thoughtfully curated to effortlessly complement our furniture and board offerings, making your setup even more functional and organised.

Discover an array of practical accessories that elevate your experience. From magnetic gridding tape for enhanced organisation to magnetic pen holders that keep your writing tools within reach, our selection caters to various needs. Our whiteboard conditioning and cleaning solutions ensure your boards stay in top shape, while our starter kits equip you with essentials for immediate use.

For an added touch of style and convenience, explore our glass board pen trays and vibrant whiteboard colour magnets. Need presentation essentials? Our flipchart easel papers and dry wipe whiteboard pens have you covered. Whatever your requirements, our accessory collection is designed to simplify your daily tasks and elevate your overall workspace efficiency.

Browse through our accessory range today, and enhance your setup with these practical and innovative additions. At Viz Pro, we’re dedicated to providing solutions that make a difference in your daily life.