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External Weatherproof Classic Noticeboard with Posts


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Classic and discreet, the ideal noticeboard for public buildings and offices.

  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Single-sided poster display case.
  • 58 mm profile, from 4 to 21 A4 sheets
  • Aluminium frame in anodised or painted finish
  • 4 mm Plexichoc vandal-resistant glazing
  • Portrait door for smaller sizes. Larger formats (18xA4 and 21xA4 sheets) use raising doors suspended on gas struts for easy opening and support – landscape format
  • Tamperproof safety lock supplied with 2 keys, 2 locks at a height of 1350mm in height and all raising door models.

Post kit:

  • 60mmx40mm post kit
  • black top cap
  • attached to the rear of the noticeboard using brushed stainless steel brackets
  • contains 2 posts and 4 mounting brackets
  • to be embedded into a concrete base (total height of the posts is 2600mm).

PLUS post kit also available: 1 post and 2 central brushed stainless steel mounting brackets for 2-noticeboard mounted on posts. Contact us for details.

No. of A4 sheets Window size External Dimensions
4 653x453mm H 750 x 550mm
6 653x653mm H 750 x 750mm
8 733x883mm H 830 x 980mm
9 953x653mm H 1050 x 750mm
12 1253x653mm H 1350 x 750mm
16 1253x903mm H 1350 x 1000mm
18 983x1233mm H 1081 x 1330mm
21 1033x1503mm H 1130 x 1600mm