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G-touch Emerald Interactive Touch Display

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An interactive touch display designed to enhance your teaching or presenting experience. With wireless display mirroring, USB C connection, precision touch, 20W front facing speakers and an even higher durability of glass, this whiteboard is a game changer. It also has a 3 touch rule that allows users to access any function within three touches. 

  • Multi-touch, allows several people to work on one screen at once
  • Dual Pen, recognises when writing with pen or finger
  • OPS Slot, an option to add a built in PC
  • Built-in Android, contains the latest Android operating system
  • Natural Writing Experience, contains next to no lag
  • Integrated MDM Solution, provides centralised control for multiple screens
  • Display Mirroring, allows any operating system and laptop the ability to cast onto the screen
  • Gesture control, mimics common phone gestures such as pinch to zoom, turn to rotate, etc
  • Floating toolbar, a series of shortcuts available on the screen at all times
  • Optical bonding, a new technology that allows the presenter or teacher to see what is being displayed, even at wider viewing angles.

Sizes range from 65” to 86” to ensure the best option for your teaching or presenting environment. 

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Power Consumption

Max <220W, Max <340W, Max <520W


Communication interface USB or Dual USB

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