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Whiteboard Conditioner & Renovator


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This specialist whiteboard cleaning spray is effective at removing stains and restoring the surface on all types of whiteboard, particularly melamine/non-magnetic boards which can be prone to ghosting from dry erase markers. This whiteboard cleaner can remove even the most pesky of stains, including permanent marker, gridding tape residue, and stains that develop with constant use. Not only does this whiteboard cleaner remove dirt and grime, it also conditions whiteboards, making it easy to clean with just a wipe of a microfibre cloth or whiteboard eraser.

This is the perfect addition to any office or classroom that uses a whiteboard consistently and are finding that cleaning with just a cloth isn’t getting it as clear as it used to be. Whiteboard cleaners are essential in order to maintain the clarity of a whiteboard for presentations and teaching.

Benefits of Whiteboard Cleaning Spray

Using a dry erase cleaner is a key way to ensure that a whiteboard is usable for a long time and using a whiteboard cleaner like this one helps to maintain the clarity and integrity of its surface. Whiteboard surfaces, especially ones made from melamine and non-magnetic boards can be prone to ghosting from dry erase markers. The features of this whiteboard cleaner mean that you can more easily clean the surface of your whiteboard, since it leaves a light film on the surface that helps with erasing and conditions the board, ensuring longevity and a clean, bright, white finish. Be sure to take a look at our extensive range of whiteboard accessories that make the use of your whiteboard easier and more productive.  

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