Magnetic Drywipe Whiteboard Aluminium Frame

Create and brainstorm more ideas and organize your thoughts better with the Viz-Pro Magnetic Drywipe Whiteboard made with an Aluminum Frame.

Suppose you need a durable whiteboard to conduct lectures. In that case, brainstorm ideas, solve a mystery, or simply just make a to-do list for productivity– the Viz-Pro Magnetic Drywipe Whiteboard with Aluminum Frame is the only option for you.

It is a durable frame with a magnetic surface that will allow you to attach notes, images, and more. It is built for productivity, enabling you to create ideas, teach lessons, and more. It is easy to use and wipe dry wipe pens, and most of all– it is straightforward to install horizontally or vertically on your wall.

This price is for a single unit only. 




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