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Office Whiteboard Range

Office Whiteboards in the UK

We offer a wide range of high-quality whiteboards that are perfect for the office environment. Our range of whiteboards includes magnetic whiteboards, wall-mounted whiteboards & mobile whiteboards, all with supporting whiteboard accessories available.

Brainstorm ideas in an eco-friendly way

Minimise waste whilst brainstorming ideas with your team in the workspace, our whiteboards can be used over and over again & then simply wiped clean, ready for use by other colleagues in the office. It’s the perfect writing surface for planning the start of a project, running a team meeting or a presentation that requires input from others in the meeting room.

Wall-mounted whiteboards for the Office

A wall-mounted whiteboard is a must-have in modern-day offices, sometimes a shared doc or an email chain just doesn’t allow for the same level of collaboration as a trusty whiteboard. These whiteboards are also available as a magnetic whiteboard, with supporting magnetic erasers & markers to keep all your whiteboard accessories in one place.